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Mobile Diesel Mechanic Services Grand Junction or Repair Shop: What's Better?

The average American household can expect to spend 1.5% of its annual income on car repairs. That's approximately $817 a year.

Having to fix your car is inevitable - having to bring it into a repair shop isn't. Driven Diagnostics offers car maintenance and repair services for stranded travelers and convenience seekers alike.

The benefits of using our services over a repair shop are endless. But we've narrowed it down to the top 6. Choosing mobile diesel mechanic services Grand Junction over a repair shop is a no-brainer, and we'll tell you why.

No Towing Fees

If your car or truck breaks down and you're stranded, our mobile mechanics will come to you. That means there's no need to have your car towed.

Having a tow truck move your vehicle to a repair shop, your home, or any other destination comes with a standard base price. That can be anywhere from $35 to $100. And that's just to hook up your car.

On top of the hook-up fee, you'll pay between $2.50 and $5 for every mile you have to travel. Some companies will include the first 5-7 miles for the base fee. The chances you're only traveling that distance are slim.

Those prices are based on national averages. If you find yourself stranded in an area with no legal limits on the fees a towing company can charge, or with very little competition or truck availability, those costs increase drastically.

If you're driving a truck or heavy duty vehicle when you break down, you're probably looking at another 20%-25%. You can add an additional $50-$200 to those costs if your vehicle is stuck. That's the average cost to winch your car out of a ditch or the mud.

These towing fees are in addition to the costs you'll have to pay for repairs.

All you need to avoid these costs is cell service. With one simple phone call, our mechanics will come to you. No towing fees included.

Home or Office Service

All we need is access to a private driveway, parking driveway, parking lot, roadway, or garage to do your repairs. Whether it's at your home or your place of work, that's all we need to perform diagnostic tests, inform you of what needs to be done, provide a quote, and start working on the repairs.

If you're already aware of mechanical problems, having us come to your home or office means you don't have to take the risk of driving your vehicle to a repair shop. All it takes is one drive from home to the shop to cause a mechanical breakdown that can lead to further damage.

If you call us to come to your home, you can continue your chores or take care of the kids. Or have our mechanics do the necessary repairs while you continue with your work at the office.

If you have a busy life as it is, don't sit around a repair shop working waiting for work to be done. We provide car and truck repair on the entire Western Slope of Colorado. Your coverage area includes Loma, Mack, Fruita, Grand Junction, Palisade, Delta, and Montrose.

Give us a call. We also cover areas that aren't listed.

No Overhead Fees

Repair shops have expenses that they have to cover. They also have overhead for all the parts they carry and employees that have to be paid for hours they're at the shop but not working.

Who pays for those additional expenses? You do. With high repair costs and storage fees.

Driven Diagnostics doesn't carry that kind of overhead. We just don't have the same expenses to cover as a standard repair shop. Our repair costs are lower and, because we're mobile, there aren't any storage costs to cover.

All that to say, we're in a much better position to offer you a deal than a repair shop. We bring all the materials, tools and supplies we need to do the job right. And we do it right the first time.

All The Same Services... With Far More Convenience

Unless it's a major repair, we can perform all your service and repair needs in a location that's convenient for you.

We offer the same range of services and repairs as any repair shop:

  • We perform your Federal Annual Safety Inspection.

  • We have all the tools needed to troubleshoot any check engine or service messages that arise.

  • Our ASE Certified Technicians perform steering and suspension tune-ups to make your drive more smooth.

  • ASE Certified Technicians are also qualified to repair brakes.

  • We have the experience and equipment to repair any issue and replace any parts. This includes any issues with air conditioning or heating.

Mobile Diesel Repair Services Grand Junction

At Driven Diagnostics, diesel engine services and repairs in Grand Junction are our specialties.

We service medium and heavy-duty trucks. Whether it's a Duramax, Cummins, or Powerstroke, we keep your vehicle running efficiently and effectively. We can also offer dealer level diagnostic support for Duramax and Cummins Engines of all sizes.

Longer Hours

The typical repair shop might not be there when you need them most. Whether you can't fit a visit to the shop into your busy schedule or you're stranded outside of regular hours, a shop isn't the most convenient place to have repairs and service completed.

Nearly 50% of all automotive service technicians work a standard 40-hour week. At Driven Diagnostics, we want to be there for you when you need us.

We're available 10 hours a day from Monday through Thursday, 9 hours on Friday, and we're even open on Saturdays.

Accurate Quotes

As mobile mechanics, we've worked on a wide range of vehicles. We have the experience to know how long a repair will take and how much it's going to cost.

Our experience enables us to provide honest and accurate answers to all of your mechanical questions.

Our pricing is 100% transparent. Our customer service policy means we don't add the hidden fees or additional charges that you'll get at the shop.

The Most Convenient Vehicle Service and Repairs

If you're looking for convenience in vehicle repair, look no further than Mobile Diesel Mechanic Services Grand Junction. We have everything you need in mechanical service and repair, and we come to you.

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